What is your name and role at Virgin Atlantic?

I am Mark Cheyney and I’m the Inflight Connectivity Development Manager at Virgin Atlantic. My role primarily focuses on the product lifecycle management and strategic direction of our inflight connectivity products, ensuring we deliver the best experience possible for our customers. However, as the connectivity SME within Virgin Atlantic, I also manage our great IFC suppliers on the day-to-day inflight performance, as well as cover all things contractual and commercial relating to IFC.

Within the Seamless Air Alliance (SAA) I’m proud to be one of the Board of Directions and Working Group leads, using my knowledge of IFC within commercial aviation to provide insight and direction on topics that would benefit the airlines when it comes to SAA activities.

Tell us about something exciting happening at your company right now.

I am currently working hard on the IFC proposition for our new A330-900 aircraft that will be delivered in 2022. This is an exciting time for myself and those involved on the new aircraft program, as this is our chance to define new products and services and enhance existing ones, so it’s something I am particularly enjoying.

Furthermore, we are currently rolling out some enhancements to the IFC product which will improve the customer experience, so I’m excited for that to complete and our customers to see those improvements inflight.

How long have you been participating with the Seamless Air Alliance and why is participation in this group important to you?

Virgin Atlantic and my participation began in October 2019 and from the outset it was clear that everyone bought into the goal of the SAA. As someone that is passionate about IFC and understands first-hand the challenges that airlines and our customers face on a day-to-day basis, participation in this group has been important as this is our chance to play a part in defining the standards that will make IFC more seamless for the customer and lead to a better experience all round.