Seamless Air Alliance

Leading Global Standards for Inflight Connectivity

About Us

The Seamless Air Alliance (SAA) was founded by Airbus, Delta, OneWeb, Sprint and Airtel and now includes the biggest names in technology, communications, and aerospace from around the world.

SAA produced the world’s first inflight connectivity standard and is empowering airlines to build agnostic systems that connect to a marketplace of providers for inflight connectivity technology and services.

Our mission is to enable airlines to continually provide the best possible passenger connectivity experience. As an industry-wide collaboration we define interoperability standards and approval programs that drive innovation, economies of scale, and enable airlines with the most cost-effective, efficient, and flexible solutions.

We envision a new inflight connectivity experience that will amaze passengers, enable new customer engagement opportunities for airlines, and extend Mobile Operator relationships from gate-to-gate anywhere in the world.