Manish Gangey
SVP & Head – R&D
Bharti Airtel Ltd

Manish is responsible for bringing disruptive technologies and products to Airtel’s networks. He is driving initiatives around open network and standardization within Airtel. Manish is also spearheading consumer and B2B device development program at Airtel.

In his previous roles at Reliance Jio, Tejas Networks and Synopsys, he led Technology development, product engineering, business development, sales and supply chain operations. He co-founded Elina Networks, a start up with visionary products to address enterprise and branch office network infrastructure, connectivity and management needs.

Manish has deep understanding of technology, its applications, market fitment, and impact on business. He is an M Tech in solid state electronics from IIT Roorkee and graduate in electronics and telecommunication engineering from SGSITS, Indore.

Thomas Locke
Chief Technical Officer
Global Reach Technology
Chair of the Networking Group

Thomas Locke is currently Chief Technology Officer of GlobalReach Technology Inc. and is a veteran of the Wi-Fi industry. Within his role as CTO, Thomas is leading technology and innovation across multiple teams that are based in the UK and Ireland. Thomas specializes in the design & delivery of software defined products and solutions that cater to the aviation, maritime, retail and hospitality industries which are serviced by a plethora of forms of telecommunications, such as fibre, satellite, cellular and point-to-point Wi-Fi.

Thomas is an active member of both the Wireless Broadband Alliance and the Seamless Air Alliance, where he is currently Chair of the Networking work group.

Ben Griffin
Vice President, Mobility

Ben has over 20 years of experience in IFC, with notable contributions to companies such as ARINC, AeroMobile, Inmarsat and currently with OneWeb. Ben’s career in IFC has developed alongside the fast-paced change from narrow band to true broadband connectivity and delivering solutions to aviation customers in all parts of the aircraft, passengers and crew alike. Ben brings a wealth of experience from the IFC service provision perspective, including significant satellite provider insight spanning both GEO and LEO technologies.

Now based in the UK, Ben has also enjoyed 13 years in the Middle East giving him a broad experience of business in MEA and APAC regions.

Mark Cheyney
IFEC Strategy, Performance and Operations Manager
IAG Loyalty
Chair of the Passenger Experience (PAX) Group
Chair of the Personalization Working Group

Mark Cheyney is the IFEC Strategy, Performance and Operations Manager at IAG Loyalty and is responsible for the strategic direction, in-service performance and operations of the inflight entertainment and connectivity services onboard. Mark believes that the importance of inflight connectivity will only grow, as airlines will look to monetise this platform and provide the best connected experience for their customers.

With 10 years of IFEC experience Mark has delivered numerous IFEC programmes with Virgin Atlantic, British Airways and other IAG Group airlines and in turn worked with all the major IFEC suppliers in the industry. Over that period Mark was proud to be a major contributor in the team that won the ‘Best Inflight Entertainment Innovation’ in 2017 leading the IFC development for IAG and the LEVEL portal

Anthony Pizzuto
Industry Manager
Vodafone Roaming Services

Anthony Pizzuto has been active within the Mobile Telecommunication Industry since 1991 when he joined the first Vodafone subsidiary outside of the United Kingdom launching the first mobile services. Starting in Finance, he moved into International Roaming following the launch of mobile digital services as Roaming Manager.

Parallel to his role as roaming manager, Anthony has been participating in the GSMA Association (GSMA) since 1997, focusing on standardization development. Anthony chaired the GSMA’s commercial Working Group for 7 years apart from other positions in the working group’s subgroups. He is also an editor of several standards documents being a subject matter expert.

In 2006, Anthony joined the Vodafone Group’s central wholesale roaming team in the United Kingdom, and since 2009, as an Industry Manager with Vodafone Roaming Services in Luxembourg.