Seamless Release 1.0

A New Era of Inflight Connectivity
Has Taken Off.

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Our mission is to bring industries and technologies together to make the-inflight internet experience simple to access and delightful to use.

By enabling mobile operators to extend their services into the cabin, passengers will seamlessly login with all their devices.


Leveraging advances in satellite technology, Internet access will have low latency, high speed and be continuously available throughout the entire flight, even over polar routes.

Seamless standards will require continuous connectivity from gate to gate, without any complex log-in and setup process on any member airline anywhere in the world.

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A New Era of Inflight Connectivity


Stakeholders who want to play a role in this new ecosystem of enjoyable onboard passenger experiences.

Streamlining system integration and certification

Enabling simple and integrated billing

Increasing accessibility for passengers

Providing open specifications for interoperability