IFC Airline Forum

Chairperson: David Scotland (Alaska Airlines)

The IFC Airline Forum is an assembly of all Seamless member-airline IFC representatives. Every Seamless working group meets periodically with the Airline Forum to discuss their group’s project accomplishments and goals. The Seamless Certification Program is managed by the Airline Forum, working closely with the IFC Technical Forum to approve changes and new features.

Architecture and Interoperability

Chairpersons: Arnaud Mestrallet (Airbus) and Bryan Wiltse (Boeing)

The Architecture and Interoperability Working Group is creating requirements and exploring the opportunity for onboard equipment interoperability and interchangeability. The group is composing a “Beginner’s Guide to IFC” that addresses the many aspects relating to IFC equipment, service and installation. A standard for a satellite modem card form factor, edge connector, signaling, and considerations for equipment qualification is nearing completion.

Hosted Platforms

Chairperson: Yves Beaumont (Kontron)

The Hosted Platform Working Group is building the framework for general purpose IFC computing with open-standard, software-defined functionality. A virtualized avionics environment moves from the single-use appliance model to multipurpose hardware and a standard application programming interface.

Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN)

Chairpersons: Olivier Hauw (Airbus) and Ruben Diaz (Vodafone)

The Non-Terrestrial Networks (NTN) Working Group is developing use cases for NTN. The working group is considering the concepts under development by 3GPP in 5G NTN, Release 17 and Release 18.


Chairperson: Mark Nash (Panasonic)

The Standards Working Group provides an external channel to related standards organizations. The Standards group is working with GSMA members to develop simple roaming agreements between airlines and mobile network operators (MNO) – cell phone service providers using IFC.

IFC Technical Forum

Chairpersons: Arnaud Tonnerre (Thales) and Brian Kirby (Telesat)

The IFC Technical Forum is an assembly of members focused on IFC technical functionality and performance. The Technical Forum develops the specific measurements and associated scoring thresholds for the Seamless Certification Program.