As a global leader in wholesale roaming, Vodafone works with more than 700 roaming operators in over 210 destinations, connecting customers and their devices whilst away from home. As a result, Vodafone is taking connectivity and digital services through roaming to the next level.

As a prominent telco player, Vodafone is also rolling out its services in diverse sectors, such as maritime and aeronautical roaming.

Membership of the Seamless Air Alliance gives Vodafone the opportunity to contribute in the ground-breaking standardisation work that the Alliance is developing. As recent world events have amplified, connectivity is a critical need today, whether for work, entertainment or staying touch with family and friends.

As passengers move through an airport to their plane, they expect to remain constantly connected. In-Flight Connectivity (IFC) is a fundamental requirement for a seamless digital experience as aviation evolves, and standardisation is key to ensure that technologies and processes are streamlined.

Vodafone is proud to be part of the standardisation work that will make it possible to roll out IFC services in an efficient and cost-effective manner for all the players involved in the eco-system. Most importantly, it will establish a seamless roaming experience for all connected travellers, where quality of service is guaranteed for a positive in-flight experience.

Sherif Bakir

CEO of Vodafone Roaming Services