What is your name and role at Telesat?

I am Brian Kirby, Senior Technical Product Manager at Telesat.  My role involves leading the technical aspects relating to development, validation and customer experience of Telesat Lightspeed, with a focus on the aviation market.  I create the bridge between customers and Engineering, and drive the technical aspects of the aero product portfolio.

Tell us about something exciting happening at your company right now.

My company is currently designing Telesat Lightspeed, an exciting service based around a new low-earth-orbit satellite constellation.  This development promises to dramatically improve global connectivity and coverage, with emphasis on low latency performance.  My personal background is with commercial aviation, which is a key target market for us.  We look forward to introducing connectivity services to airlines and aircraft operators in the next few years.

How long have you been participating with the Seamless Air Alliance and why is participation in this group important to you?

I have been participating with Seamless Air Alliance for just over a year now, contributing to the Seamless Release 2.0 and 3.0 specifications.  As a former employee at both an airline and a connectivity provider, I have experienced the challenges involved with providing a reliable connectivity experience to passengers.  The Seamless Air Alliance IFC platform will help suppliers, service providers, and airlines achieve solutions with standard system interfaces that make it easy for passengers to connect.  Telesat fully supports a set of standards focusing the industry towards this common goal.