What is your name and role at SoftBank?

I’m Yosuke Ishihama from SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”). My role in this company is to plan Non-Terrestrial Network solutions from a technical perspective. On the other hand, my role in the SAA is to draft a part of the SAA standard and share opinions from an MNO perspective.

Tell us about something exciting happening at your company right now.

SoftBank is currently promoting the deployment of Non-Terrestrial Network solutions that provide connectivity from space and the stratosphere. To digitalize and transform analog industries without access to communication networks, SoftBank is aiming to provide advanced and seamless connectivity services and Digital Transformation (DX) solutions in Japan and around the world.

How long have you been participating with the Seamless Air Alliance and why is participation in this group important to you?

SoftBank has been participating with the Seamless Air Alliance for 2 years. SAA will bring various benefits to MNOs by standardizing In-flight connectivity (IFC) and accelerating the growth of the IFC industry. In particular, with the standardization of in-flight Wi-Fi and cellular roaming, SAA will create new revenue opportunities in the aviation segment for MNOs and may accelerate IFC roaming deployment.