How long have you been involved with the Seamless Air Alliance?

I first joined the Seamless Alliance when I was the Product Management Director for Aviation at OneWeb, that was roughly 2 years ago in summer of 2019.

Can you explain your involvement and contribution?

In terms of contribution, I’ve participated in the working sessions representing OneWeb as a Satellite Network Operator and have tried to help shape the Seamless Air Alliance standards with practical and meaningful implementation and measurement methods for airlines as they pursue in-flight connectivity.

What does your work with the SAA mean to you personally, and professionally?

As someone that has been part of in-flight connectivity for many years, the work we have carried out at the SAA is a massive step forward for the industry. By adding some standardization to the process for airlines to follow, SAA is helping make their selection process simpler and helps reduce the risk of airlines selecting technologies that do not suit their needs. Being able to be part of this process is a huge plus both personally and professionally.

What does membership and involvement in SAA bring OneWeb?

It provides us great exposure and intimate knowledge to the standards and allows us to be part of the community forging the way forward for the industry.

Tell me something exciting that’s happening at OneWeb?

At OneWeb we are moving quickly forward with our network deployment with well over 200 satellites in orbit today and continuing our monthly launch cadence to bring our global network into service. Additionally, in aviation we have multiple terminal technologies under assessment and we’re looking forward to working with our partners to bring to the market a number of Aero User Terminals that will provide high bandwidth, low latency connectivity to the skies.

Why would you encourage other companies in the IFC industry to join and participate in the SAA?

Being a part of the SAA gives you the opportunity to shape the future of inflight connectivity and really engage with industry leaders on where the technology can be taken to improve the user experience for every passenger that flies.