Please tell us who you are and your role at Kontron?

My name is Yves Beaumont; I am the product manager for Kontron America’s avionics solutions. I am a new addition to our team, but I have an extensive Kontron history covering almost two decades of electronic development engineering. I’ve been recognized throughout my career for my reliability and quality of work, and I plan to bring those characteristics to the commercial products and solutions we build.

Tell us about something exciting happening at your company right now.

Wireless connectivity is in high demand across all of our market verticals. We have projects going on with heavy equipment manufacturers, service providers, media broadcasters, and of course, our inflight connectivity is ever-present in the skies we fly. Kontron remains steadfast in our mission to make it easy for our customers to innovate by providing computing solutions for demanding applications and environments. We are passionate about providing reliable, ruggedized, customizable embedded computing solutions for even the harshest environments. With our extensive long life hardware support and growing list of partners, we have created multiple cutting-edge solutions.

How long have you been participating with the Seamless Air Alliance and why is participation in this group important to you?

While myself and Kontron are newer members of the SAA, we look forward to supporting the continuously evolving inflight connectivity sector of our industry. We are excited about the opportunities to work alongside partners in the alliance. With our shared goal of working toward better connectivity in the inflight entertainment sector, I bring an eagerness to keep our skies linked and moving us onward.