• What a ride it has been…

    Launched in 2018 by visionary founders Delta, Airbus, Sprint, Airtel and OneWeb, the Seamless Air Alliance ushered in a new era of Inflight Connectivity (IFC) with the ambitious goal to develop the first-ever comprehensive IFC standard. Our brilliant team, from the world’s leading airlines, satellite manufacturers and IFC technology companies has worked tirelessly to develop standards that enable airlines to integrate and deploy interoperable modular components and deliver a streamlined experience to keep passengers connected everywhere they travel.

    It’s an exciting time at Seamless Air Alliance. Completing the vision from SR 1.0 (Business Requirements and Architecture) and SR 2.0 (Information Management), we’re developing SR 3.0 to manage Quality of Experience, for release this Fall. Alongside SR3, the Seamless Alliance Networking Group continues the development of the Seamless OpenIFC Platform. Accessible from anywhere, the Seamless OpenIFC Platform will enable each Alliance member to build, test and deploy IFC functional components, in any configuration and with any number of instances.  The Seamless OpenIFC Platform will transform the procurement, development, deployment, and operation of IFC.

    Our anniversary celebration is even more notable as we welcome aboard new Board Member, Tammy Estes, Chief Product Officer for the Nomadix Group including GlobalReach. Tammy currently oversees product roadmaps and development that drives the innovation and enhancement of platforms and products. She brings more than 25 years of experience in managing teams, defining product roadmaps, and implementing product development strategies.

    While the future looks very bright, we must also acknowledge the challenges faced by the airline industry over the last year. This anniversary celebration would not be possible without the many dedicated members that have been unwavering in their commitment and excited to create the future of IFC.  On behalf of the Board of Directors and leadership team, we thank each of them. Seamless Air Alliance remains steadfast in our mission and committed to leading the effort to make IFC engaging.

    If you’d like to learn more about Seamless Air Alliance or to find out how you can get involved, contact us at info@seamlessalliance.com.

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