Jack Mandala, CEO
Seamless Air Alliance

Jack Mandala is a visionary business strategist adept at identifying and rapidly growing disruptive technologies, and bringing them successfully to market. A renowned C-level executive, Jack has propelled startups and Global 500 organizations alike to notable achievements and built complex partnerships and alliances across a broad array of industries.

Jack is currently CEO of the Seamless Air Alliance, which has brought together airlines and technology providers to collaborate on global standards to accelerate the adoption of new technology for inflight connectivity. With this he fulfilled an ambitious goal uniting competitors and industry giants in a common vision. In less than two years, he transformed a simple press release into an industry wide effort completing a comprehensive set of specifications that allow airlines to bring new technology onboard faster and more cost effectively than was ever before possible.

Prior to that, Jack helped pilot two technology startups to successful near-billion-dollar sales to technology giants. Jack first directed operations at telecom firm Dialogic as it grew to $300 million in revenue before selling to Intel for $780 million. Then, he joined wireless pioneer Flarion Technologies during its first year of operations through the successful sale of the company to Qualcomm Technologies for $805 million.

After the sale, Jack was appointed Qualcomm’s director of global market development. He raised $40 million in funding and successfully spun off Lifecomm, the firm’s first healthcare wireless venture. He then went on to forge partnerships between Qualcomm and operators, signing multiple technology trials and helping construct new industry alliances. He also contributed to Q-Labs, the Qualcomm organization responsible for commercialization of new technologies from Qualcomm’s corporate R&D group, signing new partnerships and agreements that are still growing revenues for Qualcomm to this day.

Jack is also the lead inventor of multiple patent applications in augmented reality. A charismatic leader, he leverages both his technical and communication skills to develop compelling stories that motivate industry partners, investors, and employees alike.

In his personal life, Jack is an automobile and motorcycle enthusiast. He lives with his wife and two children in New Jersey.

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